Instant payday loans suitable for all audiences

Instant payday loans suitable for all audiences

We should not be ashamed because sometimes we lack some liquidity to face any type of situation. The money loans can be a solution to cover the needs of different levels since there is a wide offer in terms of credits that goes from 50 euros and can reach up to 100,000. A certain amount can help us with a small unforeseen event that catches us in a hurry. According to our particular circumstances, we will agree on one type of loan or another, so all must be taken into account before signing.

Quick money offers according to the needs

Not all of us will benefit from the same types of loans that the financial landscape offers today. But surely there is a type of credit that can help us to get ahead and get out of that pitfall in which we are stuck. The offer of money loans is as wide as the variety of vicissitudes in which customers can be immersed.

Therefore, we must differentiate between four main ways of obtaining financing, the first as well as the last being valid. We will focus on four: mini-credits, loans, credit cards, and personal loans. It is worth analyzing all the options since there is one for each profile. In fact, in each financial product, there are several offers waiting for us.

Loans of money in the form of mini-credits

The fastest money loans that exist in the market are instant payday loans, with which we can get to have 1,200 euros in 15 minutes. These have been created as a measure of urgency, not to make use of them on a regular basis, since to finance itself on a regular basis, although it is not recommended, there are cheaper products.

Now we can get fast money in a matter of minutes to face extraordinary expenses, that is the purpose for which the minipréstamos are intended. In addition, such is the variety of bidders in the sector, that there are some credits that are even free.

Sudden purchases, unexpected gas or electricity bills, urgent car repairs, are just some examples for which a mini-credit can be useful. The maximum duration of this type of money loans is generally 30 days so that we postponed the expenses in the following month in some way. After this period, we must reimburse the amount requested plus the interest agreed with the company, which averages around 1% per day. So the interest will go up to 30 euros and the return figure will be about 130.

In addition, minicréditos are the type of money loan that has fewer complications. The request can be made online and in a matter of minutes the company analyzes and manages it. The contracts full of lyrics are a thing of the past, as well as the fine print. These types of money loans tend to lack commissions or clauses, although it is advisable that we are attentive.

Being enrolled in a list of ASNEF or similar does not have to be an impossibility to enjoy a quick credit. In fact, more and more companies are expanding their offer according to the needs of their customers. So if our name appears on a delinquency list, there will also be an offer for us.

Quick credits for higher figures

Quick loans work much like mini-loans. As its name suggests, they are generally managed in the same way, but with somewhat higher amounts. They were created to cover something more expensive incidentals. These money loans are optimal for specific times of the year in which we must make a high expenditure, such as returning to school, a dental appointment or the Christmas season.

The figures in which the loans of this type are moving are between 500 and 5,000 euros, although there are some exceptional cases that can exceed 15,000 euros. The repayment terms vary according to the offers since the companies orient their products to different types of clients. As for the reception period, if the amounts increase, so will the waiting period between the request and the receipt of the quick money loan, which usually moves between 24 and 48 hours.

The interests of the urgent credits tend to be around 10% per year, much lower than the mini-credits. Even so, the decision to hire a loan of money of this kind should not be taken lightly, since the return period usually does not exceed six months. So it is convenient to organize well so that the bull does not catch us.

As with mini-loans, delinquency lists are not an impossibility to qualify for quick loans.

Credit cards, for the most far-sighted

Preventable man is worth two, or so they say. If we are proactive there is also an option for us. Credit cards are a means of payment that can be used to replace money and as a method of financing. For example, for those times we know that we need a little extra liquidity to cover all expenses. A clear example would be when we have to furnish our house, which always supposes a season of stress and dance of money. With a credit card, everything is simplified.

With these cards we can perform numerous financial procedures, such as financing purchases, both in physical stores and online, withdraw money at credit ATMs and make transfers to your current. The money arranged with the credit card can be paid at the end of the month without interest or in monthly installments with an average interest of 21%.

For everything else, personal loans

In case of needing money loans, another of our options to be able to face all those projects that require a bulky amount are the “traditional” personal loans. These are granted by banks and financial credit institutions and are usually used to fund particular projects that require a large amount of money. A couple of examples to make us to the idea would be to reform the house or face the purchase of a vehicle.

With these money loans we can get up to € 50,000 in 48 hours, but it is a very general figure. In fact, such is the competition in terms of supply, that lenders tend to vary their products a lot based on the different profiles of the customers. Similarly, each company has its own access requirements, depending on the particular conditions of each offer, whose repayment terms can vary between three months and ten years. The most basic conditions that we will negotiate with the entity we choose will be the amount of financing, the monthly payment we pay, the interest rate, the commissions, and the connection.